In the past few days a new network of Italian plastic companies, called NORTH ITALIAN PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY, was born in Ferrara with the support of Emilia Romagna Region and the local industries Association.
The aim of this newborn network is to extend the sale activities of its Member companies towards the NAFTA markets (Canada, United States and Mexico).
Three companies located in Ferrara are now part of the network: BARUFFALDI PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY, ENGIN PLAST and COMAV (the first two of them are also Member of ASSOCOMAPLAST). They will cooperate to work out a common commercial promotion abroad.
The NORTH ITALIAN PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY intends to improve the sale strategies of its Member companies, moving from simple export to concrete and international export actions.
The joined image of this group of companies will offer a better visibility and presence on the selected markets, sharing risks and costs.