On Tuesday December 10, 2013 in Frankfurt the plenary meeting of the European Technical Committee CEN/TC 145 (which draws safety standards for plastics and rubber machines) took place, attended by the delegates from the British, French, German, Italian and Swiss standardization bodies.

Such Committee, subdivided in 14 Working Groups, out of which 6 active for the revision of harmonized safety standards on compression presses, two roll mills, blade granulators and shredders, internal mixers, calenders and for the creation of an harmonized standard on tyre curing presses.

Next CEN/TC 145 meeting is scheduled on June 2015.


On Wednesday December 11, 2013 still in Frankfurt the annual assembly of the International Technical Committee ISO/TC 270 (that has the same objectives as the similar Committee of CEN) was hold at the presence of the American, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish bodies, beside the above mentioned ones.

Within the ISO/TC 270 Working Group 1 is the only one active for the time being and is preparing an international standard on injection moulding machines. WG 1 met on December 11-13, 2013 whereas next meeting is planned on June 4-6, 2014.

CEN/TC 145 Secretariat as well as CEN/TC 145 and ISO/TC 270 Chairmanship are managed by ASSOCOMAPLAST on behalf of UNI.