According to ASSOCOMAPLAST analysis of the Italian plastics and rubber machinery exports, based on 2015 ISTAT data, several markets among those with the highest share have been substantially growing compared to 2014.
In particular (looking at cases with a two-digit growth rate), it is worth mentioning: Germany, which is historically the first destination for Italian sector exports, recorded a +14%; the United States, with a remarkably positive 50% increase due to higher exports of extruders, presses and machines for foamed products; Mexico, which ranks sixth in the ranking, with a 20% rise; and Romania, where sales have nearly doubled, thanks especially to the higher sales of extruders and thermoforming machines.
On the other hand, Italian exports has declined in three BRICs countries, compared to 2014: China, Brazil and Russia, which with a 30% drop recorded the worst performance. Indeed, a general economic slowdown is underway in both China and Brazil, with the latter affected by a heavy economic downturn. The Russian market is also dealing with a deep recession, worsened by EU sanctions and by the Ruble’s depreciation (the Russian currency has started recovering only at the beginning of 2016). Extruders, blow-moulding machines and presses have suffered the worst contraction in Russia.
In Brazil, finally, the decrease in exports is mostly due to a weaker demand for flexographic printing machineries, extruders and machinery for moulding and forming.