The plenary meeting of TC 145, the European Committee for Standardization managed by ASSOCOMAPLAST concerning the safety of plastics and rubber machines, took place on September 6 in Paris.

As for the 2016/2017 activity programme, in addition to the active Working Groups that are finalizing the standards on: haul-offs (EN 1114-3), blade granulators and shredders (EN 12012-1), internal mixers (EN 12013), reaction moulding machines and plants (EN 1612), by the end of 2016 the revision of the standard on agglomerators (EN 12012-4) will begin.

Among the decisions taken, the standard on extruders (EN 1114-1) has been confirmed for further 5 years, while waiting for a new Working Group that will be activated at international level within ISO/TC 270.

Moreover, as for calenders (EN 12301), it has been decided to ask for an extension of 18 months of the presumption of conformity of the standard into force, when the new version will be published (currently under finalization for formal vote) to allow companies to adapt to the new safety requirements.

Finally, Claudio Celata has been reconfirmed as TC 145 Chairman for a further year.

Next TC 145 meeting will take place in September 2017.