The Italian manufacturers of plastics and rubber processing machinery belonging to the Amaplast trade association, including those whose company premises are inside the areas subject to the restrictions introduced by the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers (DPCM) issued on Sunday 8 March 2020, are still operating. 

For all companies, the objective is to guarantee their clients continuity of production and service, while ensuring that the wellbeing of their employees and all the individuals involved in manufacturing operations remains a priority. 

The provisions contained in the DPCM allow:

  • the circulation of individuals to reach the workplace, both inside the areas subject to the Decree and from or towards locations outside those areas. Employers have been informed regarding the measures to be introduced in order to safeguard their employees’ health and safety, and likewise the health and safety of their customers, suppliers and all the people who come into contact with the respective companies as a result of operational requirements
  • the movement of goods both into and out from the areas concerned, with the adoption of protective and preventive measures by the forwarding agents (compliance with a safe distance between individuals, the use of personal protective medical equipment, the digital transmission of delivery notes, and so forth). Moreover, ports and airports are open, ensuring uninterrupted deliveries of goods both in Italy and in other countries, for all categories of merchandise.

As a result, companies are able to guarantee uninterrupted operations, made possible by ongoing access to raw materials and components, and they can ensure normal service in terms of manufacturing processes, distribution, delivery, plant installation and technical assistance.